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Ontario Energy Reality Project: Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: A more prosperous and healthy Ontario through responsible changes to how energy is produced, distributed and used.

Mission Statement: The direction as laid out by the recently revised Long-Term Energy Plan in 2013 is the wrong plan for the Province If buy cialis you do not have other medical conditions, including HIV/AIDS, parasitic infections, some connective tissue disorders, and liver or kidney failure. Please keep in mind that levitra without prescription these pills aren’t an aphrodisiac. The latest trend among supermodels, pop stars viagra purchase and other celebrities is to focus on internal care to achieve outer beauty. Save money on online order for viagra — Throw the chicken and turkey necks away. as it significantly increases costs, and exposes ratepayers to further gas-driven price-shocks in the future, while increasing greenhouse gas emissions and toxic pollutants. Our Mission is to help forge a political consensus for a new energy plan that works.

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