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October 2015 Letter to Barack Obama

Dear President Barack Obama

Please consider that the steps to solve climate and ocean change needs to start with a genuine inquiry into energy. America used to be the leaders in nuclear energy. There has been a serious lack of effort to enable an affordable pathway to nuclear energy. The misconceptions cause too many people to not even begin to inquire about their assumptions. The so-called dangers are blown out of proportion causing entire countries to suffer economically for poor decisions. Germany, Italy and Japan come to mind. The best models I know of are France and Ontario, Canada who do not use coal at all.

Our future literally depends on making nuclear energy the primary source of power globally. America use to be the example for the rest of the world. It would be arrogant to think the rest of the developing world can learn from American policies that reflect a lack of energy knowledge.

I am a musician with a passion for the environment. I have learned to appreciate the role of energy in solving the world’s problems. After years of following scientific writings and sharing information with others I came to realize that most people (that includes all kinds of people) fail to understand the significance of 200 years of industrial production of carbon dioxide. It has been steadily accumulating faster than the environment can handle. Now at approximately 400 parts per million is certainly a big factor. The oceans warming and becoming more acidic is going to trigger mass extinction in your lifetime. Some say the mid 2030s.

It is no longer acceptable to view climate change as being about simply weather extremes. We are facing an evolutionary threat that requires mitigating the 1.5 trillion tons of backlog of CO2 that has been building for 200 years making the oceans more acidic and the atmosphere hotter.

We need to view Ocean Acidification and Climate Change as twin tragedies. Conservation and renewable energy will not be nearly enough to remediate the problem. Nuclear energy is our only hope for reducing coal plant usage. One proposed method to reducing acidification is to use nuclear plants to heat limestone to produce lime and add it to the oceans which would give the plankton, the pteropods, the diatoms and all life that depend on calcium and carbon to naturally sequester carbon and after dying fall to the ocean floor where the carbon belongs.

So you see our old vision of an atomic age with energy too cheap to meter might have been the correct path. Let’s begin the process by educating your staff about energy density. The environmentalists who now embrace nuclear energy as a solution understand this.

I can recommend several scientists who would be glad to conduct seminars to get people up to date.

Thanks Rick Maltese
647-379-9655 (recommends a nuclear power dominated policy and limited use of renewable – and energy usage reduction)

Note: not the more popular
(unfortunately they have misguided and destructive policies)

Michael Shellenberger gets the message right on. How we can…

We need to share this message widely from Michael Shellenberger, president of the Breakthrough Institute. It is vital and desperately needed. The timing is good when so many are looking to the Paris Summit this December 2015 for answers. It is not the heady intellectual ecomodernist jargon about “decoupling” that was present in the Ecomodernist Manifesto, that would risk losing people. Michael modestly and effectively delivers a great script telling us a message that sounds like we should have known this all along, yet it is original, straight forward, and the message makes it seem like fear is a real burden and that we need to grow up without saying that. Bravo Michael Shellenberger.

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Canadian Energy Issues: Steve Aplin

Hiding from the rent man: what 400 parts per million tells us humans about ourselves

    The current concentration of carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere is around 400 parts per million. Steve Aplin of Canadian Energy Issues suggests that that figure represents an enormous debt we humans owe to the planet, and warns that the when the planet comes to collect she will do so in foul temper. by James Conca

Iran – The Deal Is Done

    With the support of Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) yesterday, President Obama’s multinational nuclear deal with Iran will go forward. As the last holdout of the global coalition, the United States was on the verge of making fools of ourselves by blocking the deal we worked on for such a long time. But science and diplomacy won out, and we still have the options we have now of Iran cheats.

Atomic Insights: 2 posts from Rod Adams

Fukushima – The price of “no safe dose” assumption

    Too many defenders of the unproven assertion that all radiation doses are dangerous and that damage is cumulative, even if dose rate is low reassure us all that their assumption is protective and conservative.

    They ignore the negative mental health effects of their model on the people who have been inadvertently exposed. They also ignore the financial stress and associated burdens that their model places on people whose homes and communities have been lightly contaminated to the extent that they give chronic radiation doses below the level at which any harm can be detected.

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Atomic Show #242 – Moltex Energy: Ian Scott and John Durham

    Ian Scott is a chemical engineer who once had a youthful fling with nuclear energy. After a career in a different industry, he has returned to his first love to envision a reactor that encases the fuel salts proposed for molten salt reactors in tubes that resemble the cladding tubes in a traditional solid fuel reactor. He believes that containing the fission products this way combines some of the best features of both solid fuel and molten salt fuel. Moltex Energy’s Stable Salt Reactor is the result and the topic of this episode of the Atomic Show.

Hiroshima Syndrome’s Fukushima Commentary by Leslie Corrice

People of Japan: Please Consider This Seriously…

    An expert panel in Canada says that there will be no statistically-evident change in cancer rates for Japan due to Fukushima Daiichi. Plus, much, if not most of the evacuated population of Fukushima Prefecture should not have been evacuated. Further, when all legally-required safety upgrades are made to Japanese nukes, expecting another Fukushima-level accident is unrealistic.