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Want a Resolution to Bring Change? Share Free Book Unintended-Consequences

To Supporters of Science as a way of reaching the truth

In the interest of raising awareness about climate change and safe nuclear power, please share this book with others by reaching beyond your usual community of pro-nuclear friends: “Unintended Consequences: The Lie that Killed Millions and Accelerated Climate Change”. The subtitle reminds us that the integrity of science can be damaged when unsubstantiated claims go unchallenged. If we respect science for anything, it’s the scientific method, which provides a solid basis for decision making and deciding what works best. 

Unfortunately, the media and special interest groups have spokespeople who pose as experts, even though they are merely repeating commercially generated opinions on important matters like nuclear energy vs. oil, natural gas and renewables.


​Dr. George Erickson, the best-selling author of “Unintended Consequences,” having personally witnessed the changes that are accelerating all across the Arctic, began to investigate climate change and energy issues about 15 years ago by joining the Thorium Energy Alliance and the National Center for Science Education, and then by giving presentations on these issues all across the U S and Canada.

In “Unintended Consequences,” Erickson exposes the lie that created our extreme radiation safety standards, the damage those regulations have caused, and his contempt for “greens” who profit from promoting large footprint, carbon-reliant, only 30% efficient, so-called “renewables.” He sees the label “renewable” as a misnomer considering the totally inefficient wind and solar resource hogs that use hard-to-recycle materials, vast quantities of land including bird and bat killing wind turbine monstrosities and toxic laden solar panels that are far more likely to affect human health. Yet these “greens” oppose environment-friendly, CO2-free, 90% efficient, safe, small foot-print nuclear power.

With unique images and input from engineers, physicists and specialists in nuclear medicine, the author urges closed-minded organizations like the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace to emulate real environmentalists like Stephen Tindale, James Lovelock and Stewart Brand, who had opposed nuclear power, but now support it as the safest, most efficient way to produce the 24/7electricity we must have to effectively combat Climate/Ocean Change.

Please do what you can to spread the word about electricity from safe, efficient nuclear power and the politics that have prevented its growth. If you have a website, please upload the PDF or insert a connecting link. PDF attached and embed instruction link below.

Thank you.

Rick Maltese

Founder of Energy Reality Project

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Quote from the book “A Cubic Mile of Oil”

This quote is from the introduction explaining how the book got its title:

“In discussions of global energy and resources with our friends and colleagues, we found that many of them shared our frustration with all of the different units being used to describe energy. What we needed was a large unit of energy that could be visualized and would also evoke a visceral reaction… We turned to a unit that one of the authors, Hew Crane, had devised as he sat in the long lines that typified the energy crisis if 1974. He had heard that the world was using oil at the rate of 23,000 gallons a second and began wondering how much it would be in a year. A few multiplications later, he calculated it to be approaching a trillion gallons. 724 billion gallons to be more precise.”

This happens to be the volume of a cubic mile. So in 1974 we consumed a cubic mile of oil per year. Later in the book he points out that we are now consuming over 3 cubic miles of oil a year 41 years later.