The power of truth.

I could say it in several different ways. We already have “Reality” in our name. We have witnessed how the extreme right has tried to give “science” a bad name. No target is too sacred for the greedy. So what about “truth?” You will notice that is carries with it a momentum.

In a recent discussion about the name “Energy Reality Project” and going non-profit we agreed that branding was important. So much of the appeal lies in the fact that “reality” equals “truth.” We don’t need to be caught up in the shroud of prejudices, myths and fear-induced stagnancy.

You will notice that we are getting closer to a comprehensive set of tasks for our Energy Reality Project to proceed. Some changes will be happening over the next few months that will enable us to go official. I have seen support locally and in the US.

So keep up the good work and continue to participate. Discussion is welcome and essential. Let’s not shy away from nuance. It will make us stronger to have reviewed our various topics from every angle.

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