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The 8th Thorium Energy Alliance Conference Aug 21-22, 2017

The Thorium Energy Alliance conferences are not just about Thorium. The topics range widely but mostly about nuclear energy and how it will benefit society and rescue the environment. There is a lot of representation by North America’s most recent nuclear reactor companies and entrepreneurs. There is at least one presentation pointing out the flaws in the 100% renewable schemes, another about ocean acidification. I can attest to the great bunch of people, many of whom have become friends.

My attending the Thorium Energy Alliance Conference Aug 21-22, 2017 in St. Louis, MO will require funding. If I get enough funds I can attend and assist in video production and time promoting my book as well. Film maker Keith Rodan has some specific interview assignments to video while I am there.

Doing some interviews with the aim to reach the uninitiated is consistent with my recent efforts too.
I have seen half a dozen books come out in the last three years from various people in our circle and I feel mine still has something new to offer.

But if these interviews are designed to reach out to the average person they stand a better chance of being accepted on different cable and internet video channels. How anybody becomes an advocate depends on how effective the message is communicated and how dramatic and persuasive the content is to keep them engaged long enough to win them over.

Having attended 5 TEAC events since 2012 I think I have some valuable insights to offer.
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My Energy Reality website and my own crowdfunding are both due for a story about TEAC 8 and a report on my book progress.

Time is running out but I think this is a worth while goal. Besides helping Gordon McDowell in his usual video shooting I expect to do much more. Whatever support I can get to keep Keith’s and my own costs down will be greatly appreciated.

Please consider donating on this page.

Rick Maltese – Founder of Energy Reality

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