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About the Energy Reality Project

  The Energy Reality Project is the result of recognizing the lack of understanding of energy in general and some forms of energy are maligned and misrepresented by so many. Energy needs to be discussed in a realistic way that takes into account what science has achieved. If the goal of science is to make a better future then we need to look at what is economical and what is healthy for the planet.

  For example, the reality of science explains that nuclear energy is an abundant and clean energy source that outperforms other energy sources per unit of fuel. We will show that the obstacle for acceptance of nuclear is a matter of education.

  There is also a popular approach proposed by government that is an “all of the above” strategy that is more politically motivated than it is economical or even logical. There is good reason to collect professional expert analysis to explore what the reality is when it comes to an optimum energy balance.

  The climate scientists and ecologists are calling on us to action to prevent climate change. But equally important and perhaps easier to tackle are problems such as the threat to species extinction and quality of life issues. This is another way that attention to your local issues can help but the same actions that are being called upon to prevent species extinctions and other things like cleaner air will ultimately assist in the slowing down of global warming and drastic weather patterns.
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  We need to develop ways to provide outreach. I think providing a context of where nuclear fits in the larger picture is very important. Yes nuclear scales well, but how well in comparison to renewables. Here we are developing both adult and children’s materials about energy.

   I think “pro-active” is an important concept. Getting more people out into the public eye, away from their computers is both healthy and socially responsible. In our efforts to advocate for better understanding we need to ask questions. Many of those invited here have a lot to share about energy and we encourage participation.