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List of PDFs on Energy Reality

Alex Cannara’s Response to Article called “Nuclear waste from small modular reactors” by Drs. Lindsay Krall, Allison Macfarlane and Rodney Ewing.

A critique of: “How Engineers Can Disrupt Climate Change” by Alex Cannara, Regarding article in IEEE Spectrum p26, July 2021.

Comments on the closing of Diablo Canyon. California’s last nuclear power plant by Patrick Walden

Ecomodernism provides a way to nurse Earth back to good health by Rick Maltese (originally published in Waterfront Magazine)

Wind and Solar’s Achilles’ Heel
The Methane Meltdown at Porter Ranch
by Mike Conely and Timothy Maloney

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Letter to Governor Brown and Deputy Sectretary Crowfoot by Alex Cannara and Anthony Armini

Nuclear Power: Climate Change Warrior for the 21st Century by George Erickson

Point Refuted a Thousand Times: Nuclear is Low in Carbon by Luke Weston

Let’s Run the Numbers: Nuclear Energy vs. Wind and Solar by Mike Conely and co-athor Timothy Maloney

We’re not Betting the Farm, We’re Betting the Planet by Mike Conely and Timothy Maloney