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Aiming at a National Energy Policy for Energy Reality

Developing a national energy policy for a country of our size does have significant challenges. Making one set of guidelines for a diverse set of regions and jurisdictions is a challenge so not every guideline will be a perfect fit. For those looking for number crunching, graphs and citations you will be disappointed. I keep my comments in the realm of the educated-guessing bloggers often do. Energy policy in our case needs to make the case that nuclear energy has the most potential to do the most benefit. So our energy policy includes educating people to draw their own conclusions based on comparing the options which I hope our website will eventually provide.

But we need to make nuclear energy and nuclear science more important to everyone. It’s true that we need more scientists and engineers but we need the general public to embrace nuclear. Part of the problem is that most people feel that it is too complicated to understand nuclear. We can change that perception. It is not so esoteric. It can be made into a more easy to digest subject by starting with the numerous non-energy benefits of nuclear. For this point to be understood simply look at the wide range of benefits nuclear science has given us beyond energy and weapons. See youtube video The Future of Nuclear Technology … After Fukushima with Alan E. Waltar ( )

Times have changed. We used to be able to ignore what science and industry were doing. Read More »Aiming at a National Energy Policy for Energy Reality

Why the climate marchers got so little coverage

There are a few answers as to why the march got so little coverage. Think of who owns the media. Also think of what news media likes to cover. My take on it is that the marchers are preaching about the problem getting worse but they don’t have any solutions. The majority are clueless when it comes to understanding energy. The and the Climate Reality followers are against the one best solution and that is nuclear energy.

Where the American public should focus their thoughts is Read More »Why the climate marchers got so little coverage