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Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers – Feb 1/2015 #246

Welcome to the Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers. This week.

Nuke Power Talk

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Post from Gail Marcus
    At Nuke Power Talk, Gail Marcus summarizes inconsistencies in the positions of several countries that seem to want to have their cake and eat it, too. They advertise their environmental creds, but want to abandon their binding CO2 targets, or have others buy their oil and gas, or they don’t want their neighbors’ nuclear power plants near their borders, but it is OK if their nuclear plants are near their neighbors’ borders.

Posts from James Conca
    Americans will consume a lot of food and beer during this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots – 3 billion bottles of beer, 70 million pounds of avocados, 30 million pounds of chips, 6 million pizzas, 5 million pounds of pretzels, 4 million pounds of popcorn, 3 million pounds of nuts, and 50 million pounds of “other”. The amount of chemical energy that will be released by passage of this mass of foodstuffs through a hundred and ten million intestinal tracks will equal to the total output of America’s 100 nuclear power plants during the game.

Hiroshima Syndrome
Post from Leslie Corrice
    On Monday, a worker at F. Daiichi fell from the top of a wastewater storage tank and died. One of the causes was Tepco continually building more and more tanks to store these waters. NRA Chair Shunichi Tanaka told Tepco to start the wastewater discharges as soon as possible, before someone else gets hurt.

Two different blog website by Meredth Angwin
Post on Northwest Clean Energy Blog
    Washington state legislators are considering bills to allow nuclear energy to be considered part of Washington’s required “alternative clean air energy.” Indeed, Washington state has always been a clean air pioneer, and increased nuclear energy will continue that tradition. In contrast, increasing the numbers of wind turbines will soon require fossil (gas turbine) back-up. Washington’s excellent hydro resources are already strained to provide balancing for the existing wind.
Post on Vermont Yankee
    This post describes the background of an upcoming “Citizens Decommissioning Advisory Panel” meeting in Brattleboro. Anti-nuclear activists want Entergy to keep all Emergency Planning Zone funding in place for a long time. After all, there is still fuel on the site. Emergency planning until Gibraltar crumbles?

Neutron Bytes
Post from Dan Yurman
    Dan Yurman discusses the conservativeness and reluctance to bring nuclear back online after Fukushima. Also America’s , Russia’s and Japan’s involvement with Viet Nam’s nuclear energy plans.

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