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Chapter Thirteen

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The Stewards Who We Need to Support

Selecting the Stewards of the Best Solutions

“The energy intellectuals—of whom Amory Lovins is the most prominent—seem to me to long for a simpler, less complex world. They are basically prepared to exchange our fast-paced, modern industrial world for one in which we do away with air conditioning, and in general decentralize. That such a bucolic society, in which time is valued less than in our society, is almost surely a poorer society than our present one—this does not seem to matter to the radical environmentalists—the “coercive Utopians” in Peter Beckman’s phrase. To my mind, such an attitude, if taken fully seriously, condemns most of the world to perpetual poverty. I cannot regard this as morally acceptable.”  – Alvin Weinberg13-1

There are a surprising number of so-called environmentalists who have given up on the idea that we can prevent climate change and that sacrificing huge populated regions is inevitable and necessary. This is the pessimists attitude and demonstrates a lack of faith in human nature to cooperate. The Energy Reality Project takes the position that nuclear energy is the solution.

In the lyrics to my song “The Final Hour” I say “new generations and our relations can’t stop from giving birth.” What is commonly called Malthusian, the attitude of many western intellectuals and so called environmentalists feel that some large populations are not worth saving and deemed unworthy due to their status or “otherliness.” Much of this negative outlook is sparked by the apparent inevitable state of the environment affected by climate change and abuses we all inflict on the ecosystem that makes the poor less fortunate populations the necessary recipients of Gaia’s revenge. It is the promise of the abundant energy that nuclear power can provide which gives the answer we are looking for. To turn around that seeming inevitable outcome of the planet’s revenge we can choose a course of action that will replace coal plants with nuclear plants and finally end our destructive habit of burning coal and natural gas for electricity. The exponential population growth of the poor and less educated would be reversed so that having more children, once perceived to be insurance for being taken care of in old age. People like Carl Sagan and more recently Robert Hargraves have said that large families are less needed when prosperity occurs producing a thriving economy and an improved quality of life for all. Such results are expected due to abundant, low cost nuclear energy.

James Hansen is admired and respected for his advocacy for protecting the environment and his leadership in raising awareness has been unparalleled. From his first reports about climate change and global warming, America’s leading climate scientist delivered numerous testimonials and brought attention to human caused global warming. His numerous protest arrests were widely publicized in all news outlets. He has no reservations about nuclear power as a necessary clean energy source that must replace coal and other fossil fuels.

Kirk Sorensen has become the most watched speaker on the topic of new nuclear research in the area of molten salt reactors.  The tireless documenting skills of Gordon McDowell proved to be fruitful work making Molten Salt Reactors (MSR) the reactor of choice in Internet chats in social media worldwide. Gordon began his efforts at the Thorium Energy Alliance. The use of Thorium in an MSR attracted all kinds of engineers, scientists with rare specialties, students and nerdy environmentalists. Gordon’s videos were posted to

Alex Canarra, Barry Brook, Rod Adams, Kirk Sorensen, Robert Hargraves, Meredith Angwyn, Michael Shellenberger, Robert Stone, Mathijs Beckers, Eric Meyers, George Monbiot, Mark Lynas, George Erickson, Leslie Dewan, Mike Conley, Leigh Philips, Timothy Maloney.


Chapter Thirteen Footnotes

  1. The First Nuclear Era by Alvin Weinberg