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“Defend the Truth and Defeat the Lies” promises President Biden

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By Robert Hargraves

With President Biden promising to “defend the truth and defeat the lies”, please help educate people and the new administration to support a true climate/energy strategy where 100% of energy comes from atomic fission. The concept of 100% renewable energy is a lie promoted by green ideologues and naive politicians.

I have converted my 8-hour education sessions at Dartmouth College to self-paced, online graphic scrolls with text and links at

Please enjoy the easily scrolled sessions and clickable links to references with even more information.

Please use this site to spread awareness that fission energy can be the emission-free, 24×7, economic source to Electrifying Our World, replacing CO2-emitting combustion sources for electricity, buildings, transportation, and industry.

Here are some sample promos you can use, or write your own.

Promo 1

Electrifying Our World

fission energy’s climate strategy

Become an energy strategy expert. Take this free course at your own pace.

In the first session you learn the basics. Then you can answer why replacing California gas stoves with electric stoves nearly triples natural gas burning.

Neither Berkeley city fathers nor the NY Times reporters understood the difference between thermal power and electric power.

Promo 2

Have you seen the free, online course, Electrifying Our World ?

In the second session we learn how important electric power is to civilization, and especially to developing nations.

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