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Have a Happy New Year when each new year increasingly challenges us to do so

It’s all relative. There are lots of reasons to be happy for certain achievements in 2018. I wonder about how there’s more to life than politics and bills and regulations in favour of nuclear energy. We have been getting good news about a few new nuclear companies making big gains. There are signs that acceptance of nuclear energy is growing.

Remember at Energy Reality we typically focus on the game changers in energy production. We have a favourite for reasons that are obvious to our followers. We believe we should keep existing nuclear plants alive and take steps to extend their lives when we can. Fourth Generation reactors are inevitable and much of our future depends on their success.
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Our reason for being is largely to address climate change and ocean acidity. Taking action needs responsible choices. The Chinese astrology year is the Pig and prosperity and responsibilty are two of it’s forcasts. That is convenient for our own outlook. Lets keep both in mind.

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