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Letter to California Energy Commission by Alex Cannara – a good read.

Next month on June 3rd and 4th I will be joining Alex Cannara and over 100 others in what has become a yearly conference. The Thorium Energy Alliance (TEA) has evolved over the years from supporting the LFTR with their star speaker Kirk Sorensen, in the early days, to a now much wider set of mandates that includes MSR advocacy as well as the numerous related technologies that will eventually transform our lives. Now in it’s seventh conference the proceedings have evolved and been a truly focused team of advocates, patriots and environmentalists.

But there is a lot of anti-nuclear mischief going on behind the scenes from a loosely affiliated group of calculating lobbyists and a much less scientific collection of self-appointed yet misguided wanna-be saviors of Mother Earth. There is little doubt that the reasons for the antinuclear activity comes from those who have a genuine fear of nuclear power. Several others are purely motivated by wanting to kill the competition. The problem is that the competition to oil, natural gas, wind, solar, biofuel and others is nuclear energy. So killing the competition and ironically living in fear of the safest energy source is also killing our best chance at finding solutions to a range of issues that California (and many other places) desperately needs.

Thankfully there is the TESV a sub group of TEA in California (plus a few more engineers, scientists and laymen like myself) who are still working to keep the dream of a better world alive. These enthusiasts are small in number but are beginning to be noticed. Last Dec 2014 I was lucky to visit Alex and his family during my visit to the AGU conference. I learned that Alex Cannara is a caring father, a loving husband and an animal lover. True to what you might expect from a nature lover Alex really loves his family pets.

His passion is evident in the tone of his letters. I once tried to get him to tone down the harsh style and he pointed out that he wants them to know he’s angry.

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The growing defection of environmentalists joining the @pronuclear side is evident in the writings by journalists George Monbiot and Mark Lynas who have been converted by witnessing the Japan Fukushima crisis and realizing that if reactors can survive the worst known earth quakes then they are truly a lot safer than what the superstitious masses are claiming. Film maker Robert Stone who created anti the nuclear documentary Bikini Beach has made a strong statement that he does not equate nuclear weapons with nuclear power. His Pandora’s Promise promotes the idea of modern nuclear plants being our salvation. The cast is made up of former anti nuclear environmentalists who have made the switch for various reasons.

I like to think of them as ecomodernists which is the newest buzz word that was recently described in a paper titled the Ecomodernist Manifesto introduced on the Breakthrough Institute website. Alex who shies away from labels is one of them and his recent May 4th letter is just one of the many the group has been sending to politicians and governing bodies like the California Energy Commission.

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