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List of PDFs on Energy Reality

Alex Cannara’s Response to Article called “Nuclear waste from small modular reactors” by Drs. Lindsay Krall, Allison Macfarlane and Rodney Ewing.

Latest Version of George Erickson’s book Unintended Consequences

President12Aug2021.pdf Letter to President Biden from Alex Cannara



LA-100 Critique    Alex Cannara’s critique

Mayor Garcetti    Alex Cannara’s letter to Mayor Garcetti

Think-ZionRupert.pdf    Alex Cannara’s response letter to debate hosted at Universtity of East Anglia between Zion Tree and Rupert Read “THINK Series DEBATE: Should nuclear energy play a part in the UK’s response to the Climate Emergency?”

CivilianNuclearPower.pdf    Glen Seaborg’s letters to the President Kennedy and Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission

Sorensen-Early-Thorium-History.pdf    “Thorium Reserach in the Manhattan Project Era” by Kirk Sorenson – 2013 Thesis (299 pages)

Nuclear-Power-Feb-1-2020-draft-Darryl-Siemer.pdf     Daryl Siemer’s Text Book

7054-long-term-operation-npps.pdf    The Economics of Long-term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants – OECD 2012 NEA

Fight-Carbon-Canadian-Energy-Issues-Jan-2015.pdf    “Fight carbon: Why ALARA should become the leading principle of electric power generation infrastructure planning.

CEC-4-May-2015.pdf    Alex Cannara’s 12 page response to California Energy Commision (Chairman Dr. Robert Weisenmiller & Commission Members)

ReleaseOpenLetterClimateChange_05Nov18.pdf    “Backing Nuclear to Tackle Climate Change” Open Letter signed in 2018 started by Brian Smith on behalf of “New Fire” film maker David Schumacher

MarkeyAOC.pdf     Response Letter to Senator Markey and Representative Ocasio-Cortez regarding the Green New Deal

CardarelliUlshEPARethinkLNT.pdf     “It is Time to Move Beyond the Linear No-Threshold Theory for Low-Dose Radiation” by John J. Cardarelli and Brant A. Ulsh

Spector-2018Jan_Putting-New-Yorkers-at-Risk.pdf     “Putting New Yorkers at Risk” by Herschel Specter – 2018

FWW-5_May_2020.pdf     Letter Response to Food Water Watch article

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Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors: An old idea in nuclear power gets reexamined by Robert Hargraves and Ralph Moir

kwes.pdf     Key World Energy Statistics 2012


10-months-to-save-the-world.pdf by Ricken Patel – Avaaz





Molten-Salt-Reactor_Nuclear-Energy-Without-Fear.pdf     By Robert Orr