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Nuclear Energy is the Closest Science Gets to a Miracle

Happy Nu Year!!! Wishing you all the best in a time when we are better than ever able to see just how far the nuclear industry has fallen, made more dramatic by recent events we need to call gains. They came in strange packages.

Canada, more specifically Ontario decided to bring on a new reactor design to fill the vacuum after years of hype about Small Modular Reactors. I would say for OPG to choose GE-Hitachi BWTX-300 seemed like a betrayal to many of us hoping for a made in Canada solution such as Terrestrial Energy. Let’s just say there’s going to be plenty of room for the Molten Salt variety of SMRs once the real renaissance begins.
Also the push in the EU taxonomy for acceptance of nuclear with a strange bedfellow also being pushed as green. Yes some of are asking for Nuclear Energy and Natural Gas to be called Green.

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We need to keep working together to remind people that we have an energy miracle at our disposal. Many of us here have said that in various ways. I know some of you will think of the word “Miracle” as non-scientific. But another way of looking at it is that science is miraculous from a historical point of view. So relatively speaking we can say with a clear conscience that Nuclear Energy is as close as science gets to a miracle. Let’s remember that.

Blueprint for the World Ontario Picks GE-Hitachi to build New Generation of Small Nuclear Reactors in Canada

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