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This is eventually the page to find PDFs, JPGs and other attachments. This list will keep growing

  1. Molten-Salt-Reactor_Nuclear-Energy-Without-Fear.pdf by Robert Orr
  2. CivilianNuclearPower.pdf
  3. Sorensen-early-thorium-history.Aug2013 by Kirk Sorensen
  4. CEC-4-May-2015.pdf Letter by Alex Cannara
  5. Fight-Carbon-Canadian-Energy-Issues-Jan-2015.pdf condensed post and responses to post by Steve Aplin
  6. Home Heating & Cooling Efficiency Guide
  7. energy-reality-project-handout.pdfhandout used at AGU Dec. 2014
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  9. energy-reality-project.pdf handout version 2
  10. Cars-Weigh-Too-Much_IEEE-Spectrum.pdf by Vaclav Smil
  11. American_Scientist_Hargraves.pdfLiquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors by Robert Hargraves and Ralph Moir
  12. 7054-long-term-operation-npps.pdfThe Economics of Long-term Operation pf Nuclear Power Plants by Dr. Alexey Lokhov for the Nuclear Energy Agency
  13. 2004-data-includes-livestock.pdf Methane emissions map distribution 2004
  14. 10-months-to-save-the-world.pdf by Ricken Patel of Avaaz
  15. ERP-Newsletter-01-06-14.pdf by Rick Maltese
  16. kwes.pdfKey World Energy Statistics for 2012 – IAEA

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