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Robert Hargraves on behalf of Thorcon about LNT and ALARA

All that has to happen to enable nuclear power in the US is for NRC and EPA to renounce the non-scientific basis for the regulatory model LNT (linear no threshold) and ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable). Here’s an article that just went through 3 years of review (because one author worked for the government).
There are hundreds to thousands of articles like this that regulators simply ignore.

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The costs for nuclear power in the US are 3X those in South Korea, because of our bureaucracy.

The costs for nuclear power in South Korea are about 3X those of ThorCon, because of improved technology.

Unsubsidized fission power, cheaper than untaxed coal power, is the cost-free solution to climate change and energy poverty.

Here are two more articles.

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This is the battlefield.

Pro nuclear

Anti nuclear

Not easy

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