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5 thoughts on “Suggestions”

  1. Hi
    I just came across your project and became intrigued.

    My private little project to create an energy source comparison matrix would go hand in hand with Your agenda, I think, and provide a useful tool. If you are interested in helping me and/or make use of the result please contact me.
    Kind regards
    / Johan

  2. This is a great blog which we can used to educate those about nuclear power.

    How can we collectively use this to educate the public. We need to do this to counter the so called “Green Air Alliance” group which is funded by the oil and gas industry to kill the nuclear industry. We need more activism among nuclear supporters.

  3. Excellent so far. Suggest more on nuclear advantage in production of hydrogen. Roughly half of fossil fuel CO2 originates in trasportation and heating. In transportation that includes cars trucks, ships, trains, planes, etc. Sure conversion to electric & batteries would help, but that has many difficulties and once again you bump against energy conversion losses. The seperation of water one can do with a flashlight battery becomes enormously more efficient at the high temperatures of an MSR or molten lead reactor, and the final electrical splitting can be done on location. Heating includes homes, businesses and many industrial processses. Humanity needs Nuclear power but also Hydrogen Fuel from Nuclear!

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