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The Hypothetical Case for the Best Energy Source

If we had the most cleverly designed spreadsheet it would not be so hard to compare several factors and weigh the strengths and weakness of each and decide what course of action makes the most sense.

Some of the questions would hold more weight than others. Here are some of the questions about criteria affecting a decision for the best course of action.

1. Does the energy source harm the environment?

2. Does the energy have a small foot print? How much land does it need?

3. What is the capacity of each power plant?

4. How long will the plant last and will the return on investment pay off?
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5. Does the energy source provide quality power? In other words can it be relied upon to be consistent and predictable.

6. Is it safe?

7. Are the problems with the technology hard to fix? Are the costs involved fair and subject to the same regulatory criteria as other power sources?

Answers in the next issue.

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